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Who Is ISSC?

Innovative System Solutions Corporation is a small business located near Washington, DC and our federal clients. ISSC was established in 2003 to work with clients to solve real business problems. In 2012, ISSC expanded to include Salt Lake City, UT, when a new contract was awarded. We have continuously worked to be a dedicated partner to our clients in providing the best possible solutions to their business needs. Our processes and procedures have been honed over the years into a set of proven, repeatable processes that provide quality and cost-efficient solutions to our clients. Our technical personnel, business analysts, and managers are all passionate about our work and always place the needs of the client first. If your business is in need of a dedicated technology partner to help solve real business problems, Contact Us or go to our Contracts page for more information.

What We Offer?

Create long-term organization roadmaps for multi-phase improvement initiatives that meet your business needs.

Promote solutions that focus on strategic planning and business process re-engineering to improve processes and systems.

Assess existing solutions to determine if they can be implemented, or build a new solution.

Develop a custom application specifically targeted to your requirements.

Ensure our solutions align your business processes and enabling technologies with an enterprise strategic intent.

Help your business leaders to prioritize and fund the capabilities most important to your organization.

Focus on the strategic alignment, business-to-business alignment, and business case analysis to strengthen organization ability and efficiency.

Monitor project progress, resource utilization, and cost expenditures by implementing Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies.

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